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Thursday, February 28, 2019

CQ160 CW 2018 - Single Op Low Power Europe plaque winner - Husein, E74R

Hi all,

I would like to send my big congratulation to Husein, E74R for winning the CQ160 CW 2018 - Single Op Low Power, Europe plaque !

Excellent job and results of 474,462 pts...

As always You had chance to grab the plaque sponsored by me in Single Operator - Low Power, EUROPE category in the CQ160M, CW contest this year (2019) as I renewed my plaque sponsorship for this year too...

In Memoriam to Jo, DL1RK - one of the most biggest Topband enthusiasts, excellent CW operator and mainly one of my best friend!

The actual results of the CQ160, CW 2018 are available here:

CQ160,CW 2019

The current list of plaques and the sponsors appears at:


I wish to all of you good luck and CU on the TB soon.

73 - Petr, OK1RP

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

TOP band history


(The article reincarnated from an old blog posted on 9-Nov-2006)

Welcome on the TOP band DX operation blog.

Next pages are devoted exclusively to Amateur radio - TOP band 160m > 1.8MHz DX operation.

You may find here some stuff concerning CW operating, technical topics, antennas, band plans and technical news dedicated for 160m band. I am trying to keep this pages as interesting as possible, so no boring personal data included.

This page includes archives of 160 meter history.

History of 160m
Full history of 160m

You can download W1BB's original newsletters and also famous 160m band article by W1BB.
W1BB 160m band

These scanned files were contributed by Rolf, PY1RO and converted to pdf files by Ron PY2FUS. Information on this page is intended for private viewing. Publication without permission is prohibited.

(Original source by Tom, W8JI on

73 - Petr, OK1RP


Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Mysterious Phenomenon on Topband?

Hi all,

I noticed this mysterious Phenomenon on Topband this week (1.-3.2.19) during FOC Marathon...


Fast echo appeared during my transmit morning at
US sigs came thru really strong on 300m Beverage .
North EU sigs came with strong fluttering.

It appeared on both NA and AS Beverage.
Nothing like that happened on 80m at that time as I switched from 160m to 80m for few minutes and nothing heard over there.

As you can hear the fast echo is so strong that it makes QSK useless... Switching in between both Beverages did not make any changes.

05:30Z it disappeared.

Used equipment:
Elecraft K3
Beverage to NA > 310deg, 320m long at 180cm ended with 490Ohms.
Beverage to AS > 70deg, 320m long at 180cm ended with 490Ohms.
Inverted V at 30m for TXing.

I will be happy for any ideas, hints, theory or opinion.
Also you experiences are welcomed.

73 - Petr, OK1RP

Friday, January 11, 2019

My new Beverage antenna, strategy and planning... 2019 - project revealed

First of all I would like to send my appologize for long time inactivity overe here. Lot of things to do, house under reconstruction and family makes me busy a lot so there is not so much time for blog.
Well I am back so I hope that I will have some time to put as much interesting informations as possible regarding the Topband and my operation on that band.
My new Beverage antenna - strategy and planning...
As I am thinking about Beverage receiving antenna for really long time I dreaming about that also for my fixed QTH. I am trying to use over here different receiving antennas like K9FD, Mini Diamonds etc. cause of pocket size garden is available only but still it is not enough for me.
So I started new "project" which can be named "Short and invisible Beverage antennas implementation"...hi. Well as we have not so friendly neighbours around (just few of them are understanding my hobby and needs) the strategy and planning is very important.
There is the picture where is my pocket size lot used for my antennas. (the house on the left side of the yelow frame in the center is our house. 250m square of place is not so much for Topbander op. but...
The simulation on that map giving the chance to put the Beverage on the near farms acre where seems to be available place for 215m long Beverage. (blue doted line in the center of picture)
Easy to say but hard to make as its quite often occupied by farms machinery etc. Well basic strategy and plan is done. Now I am going to start the hard negotiation with neighbours, farms people, permits etc. Maybe it will not be possible to install but I have to try atleast... Beverage in fixed QTH is maybe close to reality...:)

73, Petr OK1RP

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

160m horizontal loop? ...why not!

Hi all,

This 10 - 160 meter tuned horizontal loop antenna is fed with 450 ohm ladder line all the way into the ham shack to an Palstar AT1500BAL balanced line antenna tuner.

The above graphic depicts the overall layout of the loop antenna consisting of 558 ft. of #16 "silky" stranded wire cut to one wavelength long on the lowest operating frequency (160 meters). The mean height of the loop above ground is about 55 ft. The loop is suspended from from four corners by nylon halyard strong over the top of 4 adjacent trees as shown above.


73 - Petr, OK1RP

Shortened antenna for 160m by ES4BD

Hi all,

if you are looking for antenna for TB but you have no more space than for 80m antenna then try to check antenna by ES4BD. 


73 - Petr, OK1RP

Thursday, February 22, 2018

The "Unfavorable DX frequencies" table on 160m - (update 22Feb2018)

Hi all,

maybe you remember that long time ago I tried to create and keep updated the list with "unfavorable frequencies > the frequencies which are QRMed in some locations or somehow horrible to use...

Unfortunately this small idea unacknowledged by time...

So now I am coming back with that idea and I will try to keep it up!

The "Unfavorable DX frequencies" table on 160m (original article 4Mar2007)   

Hi all,

from my experiences with DXing on Topband I found that there are some frequencies which are not usable in some DX locations cause of local heavy QRM over there or permanent local BC interfered signals or other problems.

These frequencies are permanently unusable or even unfavorable for DXing in that DX location and its not efficient to calling CQ or looking for DX from that location overe there...

In my oppinion it will be very usefull for all Topband enthusiasts to have the table of that "unfavorable QRGs" available for quick check if needed. This table will be updated as many time as possible.

QRG (kHz)Unfavorable range (kHz)DX-locationComments
18201819 - 1823JApermanent BC QRM in JA around 1820
18181815 - 1821ZLstrong QRM from local GPS correction on 1818
Informations about another "unfavorable QRGs" in Your locations are welcommed for sure! Please let me know by email or in comments bellow...

73, Petr OK1RP