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Monday, February 1, 2016

CQ 160m DX, CW contest 2016 at OK5T

Hi all,
if you worked OK5T this weekend in CQ160 contest on 160m then there I am sending my operation time schedule from OK5T log...

I was on key as follows:
30Jan16 03:30-06:30UTC
30Jan16 19:15-21:30UTC
31Jan16 04:30-07:30UTC
31Jan16 20:00-21:30UTC
The condx was not as good as we expected. We worked much less US friends and signals were really weak. We used 330m long Bevs to 320/30/90 degs. They wkd very nice even although the VK Bev was so low. (1m up only)

Mr. Murphy visited us when I was on key first morning at 05:00U when I lost NA Bev > stopped work so I was so deaf for last 2hrs of opening to USA. We repaired it during the daylight few hours after. My apologize to all US guys!

We really tried to catch our kangaroos friends in this event too. I am really sorry but no way to work VKs in this CQ160...

I was both evenings on time around 1820-1825kHz. Our VK Beverage sounded also quite well with no usual high noise level.

I really looked for famous Ron, VK3IO and both Steves, VK6VZ and VK6IR. Unfortunately the band was extremely crowded and I am pretty sure that even although we used narrow filters (only IC7600...) our receiver/AGC has been knocked down from so strong nearby signals so I was very deaf even with 330m long Bev to VK.

Well the only single spot I realized on cluster with VK6IR on 1833 on Sat evening but I did not hear Steve unfortunately on this frequency. No VKs readable at our QTH even with Bev to 90deg at all.

As Ron, VK3IO already mentioned on Topband Reflector - http://www.contesting.com/_topband  "This year's contest was almost a total wipe out as far as VK was concerned, due to summer storms on the east coast and the usual topical storms up north and a cyclone off the west coast made it impossible."

Never mind, it is just hobby. I was really happy to work XE2X, YV1KK, HK1X, BA1CW, B1Z. Many thanks for your time and effort and hope to work you soon outside the contest on quiet band.

Many thanks for nice QSO to all members and hope to work you soon again.

73 - Petr, OK1RP

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