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Thursday, February 22, 2018

The "Unfavorable DX frequencies" table on 160m - (update 22Feb2018)

Hi all,

maybe you remember that long time ago I tried to create and keep updated the list with "unfavorable frequencies > the frequencies which are QRMed in some locations or somehow horrible to use...

Unfortunately this small idea unacknowledged by time...

So now I am coming back with that idea and I will try to keep it up!

The "Unfavorable DX frequencies" table on 160m (original article 4Mar2007)   

Hi all,

from my experiences with DXing on Topband I found that there are some frequencies which are not usable in some DX locations cause of local heavy QRM over there or permanent local BC interfered signals or other problems.

These frequencies are permanently unusable or even unfavorable for DXing in that DX location and its not efficient to calling CQ or looking for DX from that location overe there...

In my oppinion it will be very usefull for all Topband enthusiasts to have the table of that "unfavorable QRGs" available for quick check if needed. This table will be updated as many time as possible.

QRG (kHz)Unfavorable range (kHz)DX-locationComments
18201819 - 1823JApermanent BC QRM in JA around 1820
18181815 - 1821ZLstrong QRM from local GPS correction on 1818
Informations about another "unfavorable QRGs" in Your locations are welcommed for sure! Please let me know by email or in comments bellow...

73, Petr OK1RP

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