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Friday, January 11, 2019

My new Beverage antenna, strategy and planning... 2019 - project revealed

First of all I would like to send my appologize for long time inactivity overe here. Lot of things to do, house under reconstruction and family makes me busy a lot so there is not so much time for blog.
Well I am back so I hope that I will have some time to put as much interesting informations as possible regarding the Topband and my operation on that band.
My new Beverage antenna - strategy and planning...
As I am thinking about Beverage receiving antenna for really long time I dreaming about that also for my fixed QTH. I am trying to use over here different receiving antennas like K9FD, Mini Diamonds etc. cause of pocket size garden is available only but still it is not enough for me.
So I started new "project" which can be named "Short and invisible Beverage antennas implementation"...hi. Well as we have not so friendly neighbours around (just few of them are understanding my hobby and needs) the strategy and planning is very important.
There is the picture where is my pocket size lot used for my antennas. (the house on the left side of the yelow frame in the center is our house. 250m square of place is not so much for Topbander op. but...
The simulation on that map giving the chance to put the Beverage on the near farms acre where seems to be available place for 215m long Beverage. (blue doted line in the center of picture)
Easy to say but hard to make as its quite often occupied by farms machinery etc. Well basic strategy and plan is done. Now I am going to start the hard negotiation with neighbours, farms people, permits etc. Maybe it will not be possible to install but I have to try atleast... Beverage in fixed QTH is maybe close to reality...:)

73, Petr OK1RP


  1. ON4UN has Beverage antennas erected on neighboring farm fields in the winter. See John's ARRL book *Low Band DXing* in the chapter about receiving antennas.