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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

TOP band history


(The article reincarnated from an old blog posted on 9-Nov-2006)

Welcome on the TOP band DX operation blog.

Next pages are devoted exclusively to Amateur radio - TOP band 160m > 1.8MHz DX operation.

You may find here some stuff concerning CW operating, technical topics, antennas, band plans and technical news dedicated for 160m band. I am trying to keep this pages as interesting as possible, so no boring personal data included.

This page includes archives of 160 meter history.

History of 160m
Full history of 160m

You can download W1BB's original newsletters and also famous 160m band article by W1BB.
W1BB 160m band

These scanned files were contributed by Rolf, PY1RO and converted to pdf files by Ron PY2FUS. Information on this page is intended for private viewing. Publication without permission is prohibited.

(Original source by Tom, W8JI on

73 - Petr, OK1RP


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