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Friday, December 27, 2013

Delayed Christmas gift on 160m


the current conditions on Topband are so beautiful that every nite from the early evenning You can hear lot of DX stations. 

Just see over here what is going on the band every nite

Unfortunatelly my antenna setup at fixed QTH in Kostice is really small so 
there is no space and mainly no high supports available for somethink serious for this band.

I have only base coil loaded half sloper with 11m apex and just single huge Al wire burried radial close to the house till now. The antenna efficiency must be pretty low and big loading coil at the feed point  must be power killer for sure. I am still thinking about improvement but I am so lazy guy... uff. 

So for most of the time I agreed that I will work just EU stations from Kostice and some time when conditions are a bit better I can work big guns from closest overseas parts. The most DXing time I have to spend into the country side where I have better setup. 

Yesterday evenning I was very surprised when I found Kim, HL5IVL on
the band and I heard him even on my TX antenna as my ext. RX loop and 
the second RX antenna low profile Inverted Z dipole were out of order because of my KD9SV saver was removed currently. 

For the first time I did not want to call Kim as "it is definitely not possible to work him with my antenna" (I guessed) but when I realized that nobody is calling him then I decided to try!

Yes Kim replied for the first time and asked for OK1? So I repeated
my call for few times and finally Kim copied me ok and gave me 449. I repeated my call again to be sure that Kim has my call correctly and I sent him his 579 report quickly. No callers, no QRM, no other issues were on the band at this magic moment - thank You to all for QRX on the frequency at that time! Kim confirmed me all of that and we finished QSO with short Xmas wishes. 

Wow it sounds like I worked HL from my post stamp lot area with so bad setup and 100W only... Kim has to have really good ears and my delayed Xmas gift arrived on 26th Dec instead of 24th as usual, hi. 

Thank You Kim for Your great evenning on Topband and for Your an excellent 
operator's skills. Also thank You Santa for nice gift!

My K3 setup:  
NB: DSP/t3-5, IF WID3, NR: 1-3, NTCH: 560, AGC SLP:7, THR:4 AGC-F, BW:100Hz

73 - Petr, OK1RP

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